Updating an Ancestry Tree with a RM8 Gedcom

Thanks to RM8 I have extended the extent and detail of my tree. However, I have not updated my tree on Ancestry. What is the best way to update my Ancestry tree? If I send a Gedcom, will there be duplications or omissions? Should I delete my Ancestry tree and start afresh with a RM8 Gedcom?

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You cannot update your existing Ancestry tree directly from your existing RM8 database. I’m not familiar enough with Ancestry trees to know if you can update an existing Ancestry tree using GEDCOM or if you can only make a new tree using GEDCOM.

The best strategy is probably to make a new Ancestry tree. In doing so, you can delete the old Ancestry tree or not. The cleanest way to make a new Ancestry tree is to use RM’s TreeShare feature. The only downside of TreeShare to make a new Ancestry tree might be that it will upload everybody in your RM database. If you wish to select which people to upload, you would need to make a GEDCOM to upload and select which people go into the GEDCOM.

As Jerry Bryan said, you will have to create a new tree on Ancestry, either with a gedcom upload or a TreeShare session. Ancestry doesn’t have a full-feature merge, only person-by-person, so what you’re proposing won’t work.

I would keep the tree you already have there (you never know when info on it might come in handy) and create the new one.