TreeShare from a RM8 Tree Previously linked on Ancestry

Several years ago I linked my RM7 tree to a tree on Ancestry. This was really just a test, and I messed around with the Ancestry tree too much. So I deleted it so I could start fresh. But now RM8 says that it can’t create a new tree on Ancestry, because it was previously linked to a tree that’s deleted.

I’ve tried restoring a backup and linking it, creating a brand new file and importing the data from a RM8 file. Neither works. Is there a way to tell RM8 that there is no longer an Ancestry tree, and that it’s ok to create a new one?

Settings (left side menu) → Webhint Settings (light bulb icon at the top) → Disconnect from Ancestry (in the Ancestry group). This will break the link between RM and ancestry. You can then upload your RM file to a new Ancestry tree.

Exactly what I was looking for. THANK YOU!