Unable to open MyRootsMagic - your personal online tree

I have Rootsmagic 9. Nothing happens when I click on Online-Myrootsmagic-your personal online tree. Why ?

My version is registered. I had previously Rootmagic 7, and I was able to publish my online tree in http://sites.rootsmagic.com.

What happens?

Are you able to see the login screen come up?

No, the login screen does not appear. I have windows 11.

Are you having the same issue with getting the FamilySearch and Ancestry login screens to come up? I haven’t seen this happen before, the first thing I would look at is something outside of RM blocking it. Check your security software. You can also open a chat on our website and we could remotely take a look. Best time to reach chats is Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:00 (MDT)

FamilySearch and Ancestry login screens do not open. But HTML Website log screen open.

I have only Avast and I have already inactivate it.

Perhaps should I desinstall RootsMagic and reinstall it ?

I solved the problem! My tree was in the same folder than the software RootsMagic 9 … If the tree is outside this folder, all works again perfectly.

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