Two parents are entered and show on edit screen but the number of parents is 1

Using version , Windows latest
Both parents show in the family and pedigree views but on the edit screen for the person, on the details line it indicates they only have one parent - yet again both parents are listed under that. Seems to be throughout the data base. Am I missing something simple here? Appreciate your help.

Without an image of your screen, it’s hard to be sure. But I suspect what you are seeing is that there are 2 parents and 1 set of parents.

It’s common to enter 2 or even more sets of parents for some people, such as a person’s birth parents and a person’s adoptive parents. It’s also common to do things in RM like search for people who have 1 set of parents or 2 sets of parents, but there is not a way to search for a number of parents. In these contexts, the number of sets of parents is usually more significant than is the number of parents.

Thanks. That is what finally made sense. I don’t know if this is more recent change or that I just never noticed. Thought it used to be different.

I think of the count for parents and spouses as the number of family groups. You could have the same individuals in multiple family groups. If you had a mother and father added to the person but in separate family groups the count would be two. If you put the mother and father into the same family group the count would be one.

Many, many thanks for the clarification. Not sure why I got hung up on it after all these years. Was pretty sure though it was something simple that I just wasn’t looking at correctly.