How to correct multiple parents

I just purchased RM9 and still learning the most basic things. I need assistance in correcting errors in an individual’s parents. I have a family where the children have three sets of parents, but only one is correct. I have yet to figure out how to de-link the other two sets. I am certain there is a easy solution, but danged if I can find it through the help feature. I must be asking the wrong questions.

The key word is “unlink”.

There are several ways to do it. The easiest way is probably Right Click => Unlink From Parents.

However, there is a tricky aspect to the unlink. The main RM screens for displaying people such as Pedigree View and Family View will only display one set of parents for a person at a time. No matter how you initiate the Unlink, you first have to have the child displayed with the set of parents you wish to unlink.

To that end, highlight the person with multiple parents then click on the Parents tab in the upper portion of the left side bar. This will list all the sets of parents for the person. Click on the parents you wish to unlink and they will then be displayed as the person’s parents in the main screen. You can now do the Right Click and Unlink thing.

If you don’ like Right Click, you can also click on the Edit Icon in the upper right hand portion of the main screen and choose the Unlink option. The Edit icon is the one that looks like a pencil or a crayon.