Parents showing twice for same person

I’m totally confused. Somehow I have now got the same set of parents showing twice for the subject person. HOW DID I DO THAT?

There isn’t a check when adding a second set of parents to alert that this is a duplicate of what exists, so it is easily done. Unlinking one set of parents will however unlink both sets as they are the same record numbers. You will then have to link the parents again.

OK, I understand UNlinking, but how do you create a link to anyone? Come to think of it, is there a printed user manual for RM8? Is there going to be one along the lines of “Getting the Most Out of RootMagic 6”?


  1. To link a person in the people views right click on a person and select Add
    Then from the Add Person box that opens choose Select Existing Person

  2. One of the questions in last nights webinar text chat was is there going to be a book. The answer was that they are concentrating on the RootsMagic Documentation Wiki

I think the days of printed computer program manuals are over. I can’t remember when I last bought any software that came with a manual or had one available for purchase (probably RM7). They are too expensive and difficult to keep up to date. As an example “Getting the Most Out of RootMagic 7” did not contain anything on TreeShare - which was introduced later - and is why lots of people bought the program. Online help is the way forward nowadays. Let’s hope they keep the Wiki up to date. I have a pdf of the RM7 manual but haven’t looked at it for years.

Have you tried “Clearing Phantom Records” yet?
File>tools> Clearing phantom records

I used to get duplicate census entries “somehow” in the older versions of RM and had to delete and re-enter the census details which was very annoying, your problem could be the same scenario

In the Q&A panel, the question was also asked about a book for RM8 and the response there was different. Mike indicated they were gauging the need/interest for a book. If you would like one printed, send a request through support. I am sure it would take some time to print one and in the meantime the videos and Wikis are a useful resource.

I suppose the other question would be “How much would you be willing to pay?”. I have bought manuals years ago but don’t think I would nowadays if the online help is there. Also Communities such as this and the .io group answer a lot of questions as I believe does the Facebook Group.

@Terry I totally agree. The book easily becomes out of date. The wiki should always be upto date


While I can understand the usefulness of a Wiki, There is no mention of it anywhere except here. Even an on-line ‘Quick Start Guide’ or ‘What’s New’ would be useful, especially when there has been such a major change in presentation.

The online wiki is available through the Help button in your RM database. See the very top bar, far right - the 3-dot menu is a drop down with Help right at the top. There have also been some Webinars recorded and are available to view. Go to the Home page and see the box Help and Support > Webinars. Here is the direct link to the Wiki pages Wiki Help and the Webinars RootsMagic Webinar Page

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It is a little quicker to press F1. Not sure if that is the same on a Mac, I’m on Win 10

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I solved my problem by unlinking the second set of duplicate parents and it did not unlink the first. Yes I regularly “Clear Phantom Records”, but thanks. I would have done that next.

And where is this in rootsmagic 8. I look under tools on the top right but do not see the clear phantom records

“Clean Phantom Records” is a Database Tool under File, Tools.

If you mean the palette icon (Command Palette)… it’s also there …choose Database tools and then Clean phantom records.