I thought I had 2 parents

I’m fumbling around–obviously! I just noticed that persons in family groups only have one parent showing in the left side of the People Page, even though both Father and Mother are entered in the database. Is this a feature, or a BUG?

Where exactly are you seeing this? Could you post a screenshot.

…only have one SET OF PARENTS…
Parents are essentially ONE family fact (i.e. as a couple)

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It is one set of parents. I have in my tree individuals with two sets of parents. Biological and Step/Adopted.

Hi Terry…When I select a person in the People List, in the upper left corner of the main page a small window opens with the person’s name, and below their image (if one exists), a line which says Children #, Parents # and Spouse # with the appropriate number of each. While I can accept 0 children (for a number of reasons), and more than one spouse, I find it difficult to understand ONE parent. It has been explained to me in other replies that this refers to SETs of parents, and a child would therefore only have one set, although I can understand why a person could have more than one, e.g. Step or Adopted parents.

I’m not sure where you are seeing Children #, Parents # and Spouse # I have Details, Parents # and Spouse # as per the screenshot below (assuming we are talking about the same piece of screen acreage). Another way of looking at this number of parents # is to say it is counting the number of entries you will see in the Fact column to the right. In my screenshot the person has 2 entries (1 is biological and one is adoptive) hence Parents: 2. If her mother had not died she would not have been adopted by her uncle and the number of entries would be 1.

Sets of Parents

Yes, I agree. My error was in that I’m not very adept at making and copying screen shots. :frowning: I understand now, Terry. Thanks for being sure I understood.

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