TreeShare of large file on Mac causes RM9 to hang

I’m having a similar problem, look at my thread on an earlier message about Treeshare. RM had an issue creating a database (separate one from your .r tree). I have all the details in that thread. Once you have that file on your machine Treeshare will work. Why RM closed my ticket I have no idea, but they have a real issue with large trees and TreeShare on a Mac. I had the same tree would work on one Mac, but not any others. One I copied that tracking DB to the new MC everything worked.

Hi Keith, are you referring to the “TreeShare broken” thread? I posted there too. Other than several of my smaller trees for which I can’t get RM to download all of the media, the only solution I’ve been offered for my largest tree (for which I can’t get TreeShare to work at all) is to split it into parts and see which will complete TreeShare. I haven’t had time to do that yet. RM accessing my tree on Ancestry and sending me a .rmbackup didn’t result in TreeShare working on it - for me.

Look at “Need quick login to Ancestry”

I have two tickets you can reference 129070 and 129790

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I’m also having problems with TreeShare. I have the DB captured on OneDrive and recently switched from Windows to Mac (MacBook Air, Sonoma 14.1, M2 chip). Even after the MFA login challenges are over, I get to 94% sync and it freezes. According to monitor, using <1% CPU, 20 threads, etc.
This time I got the popup “Ancestry not responding” but the TreeShare window stays open.
When it hangs, I see about 504 open ports. Is it possible it’s not recycling the connections efficiently causing Ancestry infrastructure to hang up?

Is there any way to enable debug logging so we can see where it hangs? I’m happy to capture the Sampling or Open Files & Ports if that will help.

If “monitor” means activity monitor that app does not combine threads to show real cpu usage. istatistica and similar apps show RM9 uses 10-20 %cpu at idle (MBA 15 M2 24G Ram). RM9 hangs for me on my 400 person file while FTM zips along just fine.

Apple begs to differ with you.

Just installed the update and tried to download a tree from Ancestry. It still fails, but the error window has changed and now has a retry countdown. Cancel just restarts the countdown and the only way out is to force quit.

Hi Larry. I have the same problem on my Mac with a 26000 record tree. It always hangs at around 90%. My Windows versions have no problem downloading the tree. I suspect that the Mac software is actually running in a wrapper which also makes it much slower than Windows. If I copy the backup file from windows across it opens perfectly - and that’s how I use the Mac

You might want to check out this thread if you haven’t already. Seems that there’s a slight difference in the way RM indexes the db based on OS and a best practice is to run the tools to reindex after moving a rm9 file between mac and windows environments.

Thanks Kevin. I’ll look into that.
All my kids are into Apple tech and, if and when, I can get them interested in the tree they will need to have it in their format to continue with.
Personally I don’t like Windows, preferring Linux and then Mac, (I have all 3) but, there are a few things that I have to use Windows for- right now RM is one of them.

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No wrapper but still intel only code requiring Rosetta translation. That plus a less than professional mac version causes issues as reflected in very high cpu usage even at idle.

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simple comparison of cpu usage in activity monitor and istatistica clearly shows AM does not report overall app activity but is focused on individual processes.

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Just installed the 9.1.1 update and tried to download a tree from Ancestry. It still fails and cancel on the countdown window still does not work requiring a force quit to exit RM.

Just installed the 9.1.2 update and tried to download a tree from Ancestry. It still fails and cancel on the countdown window still does not work requiring a force quit to exit RM.

@LarryD FYI-- when there is a new update, RM always posts the info under News and Announcements with an explanation of what was FIXED…

If it doesn’t say Tree Share in the announcement then nothing on Tree Share was fixed…
Last update said

Fixed: Some Mac users couldn’t log in (or stay connected) to FamilySearch
Fixed: Mac users weren’t able to “Unmatch” on the FamilySearch person tools

Hi Nancy, Thank you. I do read what has been fixed with each update, but since this mentioned a connection issue ( which I believe is the issue with TreeShare ), I was just being optimistic. Also, I want RM to know that the issue still exists and will repost with every update until the issue is fixed.

Just installed the 9.1.3 update and tried to download a tree from Ancestry. It still fails and cancel on the countdown window still does not work requiring a force quit to exit RM.

I too am having issues with uploading a 7000 person tree to ancestry using a Mac with the latest operating system for the Mac and the latest version of Rootsmagic9. It hangs up at 50% each and every time. (I have uploaded smaller trees without issue). I keep my files in dropbox.

I also have the latest Windows version of RM9 and run Parallels. The same file hangs up at 50% there too even if I let it sit for 12-24 hours.

I suspect the code generator that RM uses does not create very efficient code for the Mac and the process times out. I have given RM access to my tree on Ancestry and they claim it works fine for them. They also admitted they tested with a gigabit fiber connection which apparently makes a difference. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to that type of connection.