Text issues with Publisher

I am working on my genealogy book and in the text section, I have listed relatives that I share DNA with on the various DNA sites. I created the document on Word to line up the columns. I then cut and pasted into the text section. When I create the book, the columns are not lined up and it looks really sloppy. Any suggestions how to get the columns to line up in the book?



It’s probably not what you are looking for, but you could leave a blank page in the RM version of the book as a placeholder and then save the RM version of the book as a DOCX file. Then paste your document into the DOCX file in place of the blank page place holder.

This would be a very awkward procedure if you had lots of the pages to paste in, especially if you needed to rerun the RM report to fix things. In that case, you would have to paste everything in again. There may be a better solution, but that’s only thing I can think of.

I have never quite done anything like this, but I have done lot of thinking about it. My thinking is that the best thing I can do is not to use RM to create the book structure, but rather to create the book structure with Microsoft Word. Then I could create individual chapters with RM and then paste those chapters into my the Microsoft Word version of my book.

By the way, RM could include XE entries in any or all of the reports I would create with RM. After pasting the reports into Microsoft Word, the XE entries would then be compiled into single consolidated indexes for things like people and places. RM doesn’t speak of XE entries, but that’s what RM creates if you create a report with indexes and then save the report as a DOCX file.

I don’t think that consolidated endnotes would work quite the same way when pasting RM’s reports into Word. I think that RM’s endnotes would become chapter notes with separate endnotes for each chapter. The only way I can think of to avoid this problem would be to create an RM book containing only chapters created by RM and not any chapters like text chapters that you would paste in to the DOCX file. Then text chapters could be pasted in the same DOCX file and the same consolidated endnotes from RM would remain consolidated in your new DOCX file. As I said, I haven’t actually done this. I have only thought about it extensively. There likely some gotcha’s that I haven’t thought about yet.

I have run into this type of issue when I copy from one application and paste into another (not just RM) The issue could be the use of proportional fonts, Try using a fixed font and see if the columns remain lined up. Even if it works you may not like the look of the font change.

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up redoing the text pages without columns, changed to abbreviations for relationship and added in cM information. I would have rather had three columns but it looks pretty clean this way.

John DOE; 1C; 400 cM

Thanks again