Endnotes in "Publish a Book"

Mac user putting together a book in RM9 for the first time.

The book will be for the maternal side of a family. I have set up chapters with family group sheets, each chapter a generation level with its accompanying FGS’s. So for instance, Chapter 2 would be titled “Generation 2” and include 4 FGS’s; Chapter 3 would be titled “Generation 3” with 8 FGS’s and so on. Nine generations have been completed.

My question has to do with endnotes for the FSG’s and other included reports. All of the endnotes appear at the end of the book and are separated only by a space. Generally in a book, endnotes are separated by a space and with the title of the chapter.

Is there a way to achieve this? If not, does anyone have any other suggests as to format? I tried to add the FSG’s and other reports with the setting “footnotes” instead of “endnotes” but the program freezes and I then have to “Force Quit.”

Off the top of my head, if the Book Publisher does not include the Chapter Title for each set of end notes, then your recourse is to edit the final DOCX draft from RM using Word.

The reason your footnotes don’t work is, I suspect, due to the balancing of space on each page between the body of the report and the footnotes. The problem arises when the size of the footnotes for references in the text of a page exceeds some practical limit such as the capacity of the page. RM can flow the text to the next page up to a point but I don’t think it can flow the footnotes. Excluding all but the footnote sentence along with the use of “ibid” or combining all identical footnotes on the page into one could help. Endnotes do not suffer from the balancing act and can run on longer than the body of the report if need be for your purpose.

Thank you for this, Tom…keeping with endnotes, saving as a DOCX and then editing works. I’m so Mac-centric….thankfully I have a subscription to Word!

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