Short footnote generated for first listing of source

I apologize if this has been asked before. I am having a problem with RM9 using the short footnote for a first listing of sources in the reports (individual, family group, and timeline). It is certain sources, not all of them, and from looking at the source information, I see no reason why it should do that. For reference, I am a splitter using mostly freeform citations. Thanks.

I think I have seen this, but I’m not sure. (Windows 10, current version of RM9 64 bit).

I’m also a splitter, but I use source templates of my own design rather than using freeform citations. Also, I only use endnotes and not true bottom of each page footnotes. My source templates in theory define a short footnote that’s exactly equal to the long footnote, but also in theory the short footnote version should never be used because I’m using endnotes with the “Reuse EndNote Numbers” option.

But I recently discovered a situation where I had a typo in a short footnote template and where the short footnote with the typo was being used. I fixed the typo in the template and the endnotes were instantly correct and there were no duplicate endnotes. So I was happy and didn’t follow up any further. I don’t know if I can recreate the problem at this point or not. For whatever it’s worth, the exact same problem showed up in RM7 and I fixed it there the same way.

It’s best to open a support ticket so we can confirm what you are seeing.