Individual summary reports not printing all information for citations

I am creating Individual Summary Reports for key people in my database. But I am finding that when there are several citations for a fact, the first time a source type prints for that event, the Footnote from the citation is printed, but for subsequent citations using the same source type, only the Short Footnote is provided, omitting information, as my Short Footnote does not contain all the information that the Footnote does.
I am creating sources using the Freeform template.

For example, I have created a Valuation Roll source using the Freeform template, so that the Citation name contains the place, person, year and details of the place.
Then in the customized Footnote I include:
Valuation Roll: town, county, person, date of valuation roll, details of place of valuation, VR number from Scotlands People, the Scotlandspeople website and then the date I accessed this information.
The customized Short Footnote contains all the same information except for the date I accessed the information.

So, for a Fact about a place that is recorded in a number of different valuation rolls (every 5 years for example), there is a Citation for each year I noted information from the valuation rolls. Then when these are listed in the Endnotes for the Individual Summary, the Footnote containing the date accessed is only provided for the first citation, and subsequent citations for that fact for later years only provide the Short Footnotes without the date I accessed the information.

Is this what is meant to happen regarding printing of Full and Short Footnotes? I would have hoped that the Full Footnote would print each time.

Or if not, do I just need to make my Short Footnote, exactly the same as my Full Footnote to work round this setup?

I have not looked at this with other types of reports to see if the same thing occurs with these.

Also, maybe I am not quite understanding what the purpose of the different footnotes available are in sources and citations.

Thanks for looking at this.

It is working as designed.

For true “bottom of the page” footnotes, the first use of a citation on the page will use the full footnote and subsequent uses of the same citation on the same page will use the short footnote. Duplicate citations are never merged. Given this behavior, you simply have to define your short footnotes in such a way that they make sense. Sometimes that means making them the same as the long footnote.

Here are examples of long and short footnotes that sort of make sense.

Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families, page 34.
Elizabeth Cate Manly, page.34

Note that it wouldn’t make sense to leave out “page 34” because I might also have a citation on the same page for page 76. For example, suppose I had the following. You couldn’t tell if the third footnote (a short one) was for page 34 or for page 76. This is similar to your situation.

Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families, page 34.
Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families, page 76.
Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families.

If on the other hand, I had different version of my short footnote, you can tell the difference.

Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families, page 34
Elizabeth Cate Manly, Bryans, Hortons and Allied Families, page 76
Elizabeth Cate Manly, page.34

You might not want to use Endnotes in Individual Summary reports, but Endnotes are the only thing I use on Narrative reports. Endnotes have the virtue that duplicate citations can be merged using the “Reuse Duplicate Endnote Numbers” option. This option is on the screen even when you are using true bottom of the page Footnotes, but the option doesn’t actually affect the report unless you are using Endnotes.

With Narrative reports, using Endnotes with the “Reuse Duplicate Endnote Numbers” option saves huge amounts of paper and it takes the question of Short Footnotes off the table because every Endnote uses the full Footnote and it uses each full Footnote only one time. But again, you may not want Endnotes with Individual Summary reports.