Exporting Endnotes/Footnotes to MSWord

When I export a Narrative Report to MSWord the Endnotes are converted plain text (as opposed to Endnotes in MSWord). Consequently, all the Endnote/Footnote features in MSWord do not function (e.g. if one Endnote is eliminated the remaining Endnotes are not renumbered).

Is there any way to export RM Endnotes to MSWord so that MSWord recognizes them as such? Or convert the plain text Endnotes to MSWord Endnotes?

I don’t think there is a way to save a report to a file in RM such that the endnotes would be renumbered automatically if one of them were deleted. I think you would have to delete the citation in RM at least temporarily before running the report.

One technique I use frequently when running RM reports for publication is first to make a copy of my RM database from which I run my reports. I then make any of the changes I need for reporting purposes in that copy of the RM database and create the report or reports. When I’m truly done with all the reporting, I delete the copy of my database that I used for reporting. Or sometimes I will move the reporting database to an archive that is totally separate from the rest of my RM databases. My master RM database is never affected an any way by this procedure. So it’s not like I have to make the changes, run my reports, and try to remember to put all the changes back the way they were to start with.

Thanks Jerry. In a sense, this is a MSWord conversion issue. So I searched with that perspective in mind and found the following.

I will play around with this macro and see if it solves the issue.