Synchronising RM 9 to Samsung Tablet

I have been using RM 7 for years now on my Toshiba Laptop. I purchased yesterday RM 9 on what I thought was my Samsung Tablet 7, but as this is synchronised to my normal Windows 10 work computer the RM 9 would only download on this computer. Could someone please help me to;

  1. get the RM 9 to download on my tablet - it is there but says I need an app to be able to open the file. I cannot find an appropriate app.
  2. or, how to send the RM 7 version to my Samsung Tablet populated with all the information I have in this family tree. If I wasted money buying the 9 version I am OK with this. My aim is to have my tree loaded onto my Samsung tablet.
  3. my computer knowledge is almost reasonable! but if anyone has a step-by-step help for me I would be forever grateful.
    Cheers Linda

RM needs a Windows or Mac environment to run. Correct me if I am wrong but the Samsung tablet runs Android and as such you will not be able to run any version of RM on it.

Rootsmagic is a windows or mac OS computer program and not a mobile/phone/tablet app.
There was a 3rd party read only mobile app but it is either gone or very old.
For your tablet, use the excellent free supported ancestry app to see and edit your trees on

Hi, I didn’t realise RM was Windows or Mac based, my error - yes, I read the app had been retired for androids, such a pity. Thank you both for replying so quickly to me, now I know why I can’t open the file.
Many thanks Linda.

If you put your trees on ancestry then you will be able to see and edit them on your android tablet with the free ancestry mobile app. I think even a free ancestry account will allow this. When you replace your tablet go for the dominant apple air or pro model.

Although I rarely use it, I did install GedStar Pro v4.6.3 on my PC, applied a tiny change to the executable file, and then ran it to convert my RootsMagic GEDCOM. Downloaded both the Android app (Version 3-4-11) and the “converted” database onto my phone, installed the app, opened the newly-created database, and it works pretty well, for what it is. It would likely be more viewable on a tablet (hate small screens, personally).

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Hi there, thank you so much for helping, I am not good using mobile for doing anything other than phone calls and scrabble!! haha. I probably need to upgrade my tablet, it is really for when we go away I can take my tree with me without lugging the laptop around with me. I thought about reinstating my ancestry account but there were so many errors on other trees. I tried to set up the free ancestry one yesterday with advice received but it kept going back into my old disused subscription… I am hopeless I know, thank you again, so appreciative of your time.
cheers Linda.

Yes, you are right… I am expecting too much from this tablet, I should upgrade at some point, I am not fabulous with IT, I should take to my local IT tech to install. Thank you, Linda.

It doesn’t matter where you take the tablet, no one will be able to install RM on it. If you upgrade your tablet, it is going to have to be a device that run either the MacOS or Windows. Rumor has it that the mobile app does still run on devices such as iPad and iPhone. Note that this is the mobile app, NOT Rootsmagic itself. It involves having to export a file from Rootsmagic and getting it moves to the device via something such as Dropbox.

Hi, yes I found this out the hard way by purchasing RM9 on my work computer, where I thought it would load on my tablet. I do have Dropbox on my phone. Am I misinterpreting what you have said, by thinking if I have Dropbox on my tablet I could export RM7 to the Dropbox and it could work? Apologies upfront for not being IT capable. cheers Linda.

Unfortunately, yes, you do not have the iPad or iPhone that kfunk explains were required for the old app for Apple phones & tablets that was commisioned by RootsMagic. If all you want to do is have a full-copy of your RootsMagic (7-or-9) database, for viewing only on your tablet… the program I described above will work for you, with minimal effort on your part. The only requirements your tablet must have is internet connectivity to download -and- have this menu option. Shoot me a message if You care to.

Yes! There are several separate entities involved here. There is Rootsmagic (7 or 9 doesn’t matter), there is your Rootsmagic data file, the mobile app that runs on iPad and iPhone devices, and there is Dropbox. I suspect you are using the term RM interchangably with that of your datafile and even interchangeably with the mobile app.

Assuming that you do not wish to upgrade your tablet to an iPad, the mobile app is out for that platform. Using the full release of RM on any tablet that does not run Windows or MacOS is also out.

An option has been put forth by @kbens0n on a process to get your RM datafile (not Rootsmagic but the datafile) to and readable on your tablet. I do not use that process so he would be more able, and has offered assistance, to accomplish that.

Buy a basic computer OS book from Amazon and learn the basics of using a computer. You need to understand much more about the tools you wish to use. Consider buying a car for transport but not knowing there are doors or a need for gasoline.

Hi, you are so gracious with your advice. I would prefer to work on my tree, rather than look at it; so I think for the time being I shall stay with this tablet and use sites that I use now for research. An upgrade can wait until I can look to improve what I am doing.
Thank you to everyone, it is very much appreciated, Linda.

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