SQLite errors opening files on RM9

Hoping someone can help here.

I recently updated my MacOs to Sonoma 14.2.1, and upon opening RM9 found issue with screen resolution. I found in the support pages that this was a known issue and that an update was available with latest update (RM9.1.3).

I downloaded in installed latest version. I opened RM9 and resolution issue was fixed - Yah !!

I then went to open my .rmtree file and got error message “file cannot be open”.

I still had may last .rmgc file from RM7, which I attempted to open, and message about needing to convert to .rmtree file format was received. I started the conversion process, however get a message “SQLite error 10 - disk I/O error” and import / conversion does not get past 0%

I quit RM9 and then see a .rmtree file has been created but it is empty. I can open and there are no records (although file is >2mb - which suggests there is “something there”).

I’m at a loss as to what to try next.

Solution Found !!!

Something I didn’t consider was that my RM database is stored in documents folder that syncs to MS OneDrive. Whilst I could “see” the files on Mac Finder window, the OneDrive app wasn’t actually running.

Once I launched OneDrive (Onbedrive icon appears in menu bar), everything worked as needed.

  • could open .rmtree files
  • could convert .rmgc to .rmtree

Put down to user error :grin: