Source images not appearing in citations

in the past, I have always attached images of the source text to the master source. This was convenient in RM7 but In RM8 these images do not appear as an icon next to the fact. Instead, I have to dig down into the source to find them.

Is there an easy way to make all citations of a source show the image next to the citation?

RM7 wouldn’t have shown your source or citation media with an icon on the Media column on the Edit Person screen either. I suspect you added media on the fact level as well as the source/citation level in RM7 in order to see that.

Hi there, yes I was probably inconsistent on that. I have had to merge all my duplicate citations and, in doing so, attach the media to the merged citation rather than the source.

Still getting frequent system access violations though on my Mac.

With the Mac AV errors make sure to send in those error reports. Then open a support ticket to report any steps that will reproduce the error. We are trying to narrow them down but we need the exact steps to reproduce them.

Will do. 10 in last 24hrs but hard to know if it is the citations or image attachments triggering them. Suspect the latter.