Citation shows source name instead of citation name

When I go to the Sources list for a fact, they are more specifically source citations, with the field name “Citation” before each source citation. The name that shows up for each citation, though, is the name of the master source and not that of the citation. Could this be changed to show the name of the citation if it is available? I may have multiple citations for a source, and this would make it clear that I pasted the correct citation into the fact.

This has been reported previously. My view is that it’s a serious problem in the RM8 design that needs to be fixed.

I’m not sure that replacing the source name with the citation name would really be an improvement. I think the only way to solve the problem is to display both the source name and the citation name.

One thing you can do that helps a little bit is to turn on the Use Slide-In Workflow On Edit Person When Clicking Fact List Icons feature. When this feature was introduced into RM8, but initial reaction was that it would solve the problem. With more experience with the feature, it seems to me that it helps but it does not really solve the problem.