Citation Name not showing up

I have some sources that have citations that have been used once. I had no citation name because I used the source as my reference document. Now I am going to name my citations and have found that when I go to Sources>Citations, on the edit screen it only shows the Master Source, Master Source text media etc, then Citation Detail text media etc, but no Citation Detail to put in a Citation Name. Can anyone help me or let me know what I am missing? Thanks, John

Post a screenshot of the whole window - that might help. You are looking at the Edit Citation pane?

Sorry Tom, I didn’t explain very well, here are the screen shots, note this one has a citation used and the citation details section shown with citation name:

This next one is used once and does not show the Citation Details section so no Citation Name:

Does the source template it is using have fields marked to be included in the source detail field, with an X appearing in the D column? Make sure you have version 8.5.0 installed so even without anything in the citation field it should give you a citation name field.

OK Renee, the Source Template does not have a field marked X in the D column. I looked at the Source Template that I have and it has a couple of X’s in the D Column, but none is a Citation Name field. Which column should I mark?

I am using version 8.1.7, haven’t upgraded yet because I’ve heard so many issues on this and Facebook about the newer versions I was afraid to since this version works well for me.

Probably best to open a support ticket with a backup so we can check how this source template is setup. The citation name isn’t a field it just shows up when you have citation details. Much like the Source Name isn’t a field in the source template either.

Renee, all the templates and citations I am using were transferred from RM7.