Simplify Merge Places

It would be nice to be able to select several places in this screen (with ctrl-mouse click) and merge them to the first place selected !

Yes, only way is under the 3 dots Menu to do Merge

But that is not very efficient in finding corresponding places.

The fact that the Merge Places feature is hidden behind 3 Dots instead of having its own icon is not good, but it’s pretty cosmetic. The bigger issue is that Merge Places brings up a second screen on top of the first screen. On the second screen, you actually can click on check boxes for multiple places at the same time. So you can do that part of the wish already. The only thing you can’t do already is to do the merge all on the same screen.

Doing it all on the same screen is the way RM7 did it, and I think that was easier than the two screen approach taken by RM10. But I still think it’s pretty easy in RM10.

I use right mouse click then check ones that need to be merged
(sometimes scrolling or find if not in same area is little work)

As someone that does a LOT of place merging the merging of places isn’t that big of a deal since you can select multiple places on the pop-up. What’s more annoying is the UI for merging place details is different and only allows you to select one at time.



June 27


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Ul, what is that?

It is here on this community that on many posts technical abbreviations are used that are incomprehensible to us ordinary people. Please write in plain language.

It means User Interface.

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If you are going to use social media and user forums it is inevitable that you will run into common acronyms. People are not likely to change that behaviour because someone does not like it. So it is probably better to go with the flow.

Here is a simple reference which may help: Social Media Acronyms

I am sure you will find many more reference lists on google.