Place merging and/or editing

Can anyone please advise me whether I can merge/edit places en masse rather than go to each individual person’s entry?
In RM7 I could click on the list, then places and merge/edit but I can’t find that on RM8 and it seems to have imported my data with some places that I must have missed prior to the transfer.
E.g. would be -
Place - Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia
Place Details - St Patrick’s Cemetery
But some are reading -
Mudgee, St Patrick’s Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia
I want to fix these but don’t know how. Can anyone please advise me?
Thanks. Fran

Places>Mudgee, St Patrick’s Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia>Edit in right pane by cutting out St Patrick’s Cemetery portion and pasting into Place details.
Find Everywhere field upper right corner>paste Mudgee, St Patrick’s Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia>Hit Enter or Click Magnifying glass icon>Click on Place:>Edit Place name field saame as above.
You’ll have two Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia entries with Place details as St Patrick’s Cemetery. Now, right-click one of them and choose Merge Places followed by checkmarking the other duplicate. All events will have been changed at the Individual’s level for everybody.

Black left bar, 4th icon down - globe = Places List
Right-click for merge or split. Or use 3 dots menu at top middle.
Or edit in right box

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Thank you Marshtown. I will give that a go. (Sorry I took so long to respond.)

Thank you kbensOn - will see if this works. :slight_smile: