Merging Places within and individual

In previous versions of Roots Magic, one was able to “merge” and/or “edit” places from within an person’s individual screen, but with RM8, I have to back out of that screen and go to “Places”, make the necessary changes and then come back to the individual’s page.

Can this be fixed in RM8 to function as it did in pervious versions?

If I understand your question correctly, the behavior of RM8 when processing places within the Edit Person screen is essentially identical to the behavior of RM7. I don’t have to back out of Edit Person and go to Places to change a place in Edit Person. I wonder if you could give a more specific example of what you are seeing.

Let me give an example. Suppose I have entered that someone was born in Tennesse, which an incorrect spelling. I can then go back into the Edit Person screen for the person with the incorrect spelling of the place and change Tennessee to Tennesse without ever going to the Place screen.

What is true is that if I then go to the Places screen that Tennesse will still be there as an unused Place. The only screen where I can merge it with Tennessee or delete it is in the Places screen, not in the Edit Person screen. But that was equally true in RM7.

Hope so, it’s a long unnecessary way in RM8, please fix it!

Example: Let’s say I import a record from FamilySearch and the import adds a duplicate location, misspelling, bogus info, etc. I am not able to “Merge” my existing place with this location in RM8 as was possible in previous versions.

The RM8 Place list does support merging places: main Place tab => highlight a place to be kept => THREE DOTS => Merge Places => checkmark the place or places to me merged into the place which is to be kept => OK

The RM8 workflow to merge places is extremely similar to the workflow in RM7. However, I think the RM8 workflow for merging places is ever so slightly harder to use than the one for RM7. The difference is that after the Merge Places step, RM7 indicates very clearly the Place which is going to be kept and RM8 does not. So in RM8 you just sort have to go on faith that you are keeping the Place that you intend to keep.

Hi, there is some misunderstanding here. You may not do that when you are in FamilySearch Person Tools working to get information over from FS to RM.

What I was talking about is completely in RM8, after data has been imported. Are you saying that RM7 allowed you to merge places while still in the Family Search Person Tools?

Yes, in RM7 you could Merge places from the Edit Person screen if opened inside the FamilySearch Person Tools. You would click on the Place icon in the place field and the Merge button was available. Same as outside the FSPT and simply on the Edit Person screen.

In RM8 the buttons that were available in RM7 when opening the Place List from the Edit Person screen are not currently there. They have been reported. On the plus side if you are outside of the FSPT you can simply go to the Places page and merge places there while leaving the Edit Person screen open.