Merging Places in Places

When I merge a place, the place I want to merge into, is always at the top. If the place I’m merging is above, I will have to scroll up.
What I would like, is for the merge into place to be in the middle of the list, that way any places to be merged into it will be both above and below - one less mouse click.


Excellent suggestion.

Excellent suggestion, indeed. But not just for merging places. How about for any time a list on the left is redrawn as the result of an action that the Selected Item is in the middle of the list! Renee, I hope you are listening…

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Great idea! Always find myself scrolling the list to merge items. Unnecessary action!

Confirming request has been report to development.


‘Middle’ of a set not always clear, if an even number of items. In RM7 you could select the item you wanted everything to merge into, it would be highlighted, then you picked the others. Very clear what to pick and what would happen.

I agree that this was important feature of RM7 that’s missing from RM8. I would very much like to have it back.

I would agree with any comments to the effect that you can actually do merges of a variety of things in RM8 and that doing so is not rocket science. You can accomplish your merging goals. So merging is not a feature of RM7 that’s missing in RM8. It’s just that the user interface for doing merges in RM8 very much lacks the clarity and assurance that was there in RM7. So “clarity and assurance when doing merges” is the feature from RM7 that’s missing when doing merges in RM8.