Search function - include/exclude people in a groud

With the Boolean search options, I can search base on many different options. I don not see tht I can include only people that I have assigned to a group (or, conversely, exclude people that are in one on my defined groups).


That is correct. This has been a much wished for feature ever since groups were introduced into RM in RM4. The main Tools tab now has a feature called Combine and Manipulate Groups. But that feature is not even remotely the same thing thing as a search criteria such as Person => Is a Member of => Group Name (or Person => Is not a Member of => Group Name).

Mr. Bryan:
A potential workaround might be to assign every person in the group of color. And then filter based upon that color code. I could do that but it seems that it would create a collection of other problems.

The back of my FORTRAN IV book had a little poem: we shall have to evolve problem solvers galore; for each problem we solve, we create 10 problems more.


I make heavy use of groups, sometimes groups alone and sometimes in association with color coding. I make heavy use of color coding, sometimes color coding alone and sometimes in association with groups. The fact that RM9 now has 10 different color coding sets is very helpful in this regard because it now means that I can clear 1 of the color coding sets and use it for another purpose without disturbing the other 9 of them.

So as you say, you can convert groups to a color coding set and then search on that color coding set. I do it all the time. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t still be very useful to be able to search on group membership. And I suspect that it would be a very easy feature to implement.

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