Color (or create group) that have a particular task

Maybe I missed this – Is there a way to color by people having a particular task within RM ?
Example you have task “Find connection” can you give them color based on having that task? (or add them to a group?) . I can come up with SQL to add them group (or color them) but I was wondering if it could be done withing the RM interfaces but TASK does not seem to be listed in the search criteria – if not available, can it be added as a feature request if not already,

thanks, Kevin

It’s not possible. RM’s search criteria and marking criteria are somewhat limited. Such criteria do include lots of items, but there are also a lot of items that cannot be criteria for searching and marking. For example, Tasks are not included.

For that reason, I abandoned the pre-RM8 style To Do lists years ago and I don’t use Tasks in RM8 and RM9. I make groups instead and the groups become my task lists or to do lists or whatever you want to call them. For the most part, I can create such groups based on existing RM facts - for example, born before 1950 and died after 1950 and don’t have a 1950 census is a To Do list for finding 1950 censuses. When existing facts are not sufficient, I make new fact types. I usually specify that such new fact types are not to be included in GEDCOM or narrative reports and things like that because they are really just for my internal use in RM.

For the most part, making my own To Do list in this manner has the virtue the items fall out of the To Do list after they are done. Before RM9’s refreshable groups, I had to rerun the groups by hand to refresh the groups, but RM9’s refreshable groups makes the refresh much easier to do.

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Confirming searching by tasks has been reported to development.

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Confirming searching by tasks has been reported to development.


thank — that is basically what I figured. Many of the Search criteria options are very useful despite limitations. The search criteria is not robust by design. However, Sqlite can create groups for those who can write code so I just have right a sql statement to find the people that have that task assigned to them – so not bad for me. One of the RM competitors has a very robust query language but its also more than twice the price. And for me that its only real main advantage .