Tag group to all people in search results

RM8: Would love feature to tag all the people from a complicated search result to a custom group. I believe we currently need to open each person to tag them to a group.

How complicated? In both RM7 and RM8 when you create a new group, your people list is brought up to choose who should be in the group. Clicking on the Mark Button gives quite a few options including choosing people based on data fields. You can then combine this with criteria to “unmark” people in the group.

One can also amend the RM Group membership by running through the Mark & Unmark criteria for the same Group again. In RM 7 the actions of the Mark & Unmark are cumulative (I imagine the same in RM 8) …so if a mistake is made no undo…other than making a Backup of that RM database immediately prior to the attempted Group membership modification and a Restore.

It’s a common complaint for new RM users that people have to be added to a group one at a time. That’s totally incorrect. New users simply haven’t yet found the correct option.

When you are setting up a group, you can set up some very simple or some very complex criteria to add thousands or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people to a group all at once if your database is that big. The criteria can be things like “all descendants of John Doe” or “everybody born before 1900 in Texas” and even more complex than that.

I suspect that what the original poster is asking for is that when RM8’s standard search procedure makes a list of people (not making a group), that you could then simply tell RM8 to make that list of people into a group. I think it would be a great enhancement.


I found the option in RM7, and it works great. However, in RM8 I only see an option to create a named group not add people to the group based on criteria. If someone knows how to do it in RM8 please direct me.

In RM8, go into the Groups menu (for example, from the command palette, although there are other ways to get to Groups). Click New, give the new group a name, and you go into the Marking dialog. Click Mark, and from there on it works almost exactly the same as RM7.