Mark all people in a Kinship List

By selecting a Kinship List - the result was 5572 pages to be printed. This covers about half of my complete RM-Database. I would like to mark all people in the List to make a separate Group or to Color them all. So I can select these for a GEDCOM export. Any suggestions?

Get into a marking dialog to make a group or color code. Mark yourself using the ancestors and descendants of ancestors option. Choose a large number of generations of ancestors and descendants.

I think that should be pretty much everybody you want, but you might need to think about it a bit. For example, to select up my wife’s family members in addition to my own, I would need to start this process with one of my children instead of with myself. And for another example, this procedure will not select spouses of spouses or parents of spouses.

Another way to do it would require the use of SQLite. For example, I created a rather elaborate SQLite script to color code based on the fields in RM’s database that are set by RM’s Set Relationship tool. Those relationships cannot be selected by RM’s marking procedure. In addition, my script looks not only at the PersonTable but also at the FamilyTable and ChildTable to be able select such things spouses of spouses and parents of spouses and siblings of spouses that wouldn’t be selected by procedure I described for marking from within RM. I have different color codes for things like people I’m related to, spouses of people I’m related to, spouses of spouses of people I’m related to, and parents of spouses of people I’m related to.

Thank you for your reply. In RM7 I did regularly the selection of the ancesters of my child with 52 generations back- and forward. It took usually 1 hour up to 1 hour and a quarter to select 235’000 up to 239’000 ‘relatives’.
After changing to RM8 this selection does not succeed. I stopped the search after 15(!) hours - luckely over night running. The programm just ‘hangs’.
I have no idea how to work with SQLite and in my opinion the functions of RM7 should work also with RM8.

This function actually does work in RM8 in a sense. I have never had it fail for me in my database of about 49,000 people. But your experiences suggests that RM8 appears to have a scaling problem in RM8 for large databases.

I have similar scaling problems in RM8 even in my smaller database when working with Advanced Search or making groups. In the case of Advanced Search, the same search that is a few seconds in RM7 can be a couple of minutes in RM8. In the case of making groups, I can make groups in RM8 just as fast or faster than in RM8. But when I use groups to filter the sidebar Index or the People List View, the application of the filter can take a minute or so whereas it is essentially instantaneous in RM7. And simply changing a fact for one person can seem to cause RM8 to run the filter again, taking another minute or so every time I perform a small edit on a person. I’m having to make my groups in RM8 really small to get around this problem.

Are you running Windows or Mac and how much memory do you have? If you have Windows, have you looked at RM8 with the Windows Task Manager to see if RM8 is engaged primarily in disk I/O operations or if it is engaged primarily in consuming CPU cycles? I assume a Mac must have something similar to the Windows Task Manager if you are on a Mac.

You may need to submit a trouble ticket to the RM HelpDesk and submit your database to them to let them look at the nature of the performance problem. I wonder if your RM8 is not really hung, but whether 15 hours to wait wasn’t long enough. Maybe it would finish i 40 or 50 hours?

My system runs with Windows 10 fuly actualised. I have 16 MB Ram.
I checked several times the Task Manager which showed great CPU activity (around 17%) only for Rootsmagic.
Also at my newer Laptop with 32 MB Ram the selection did not come to an end.
I am a bit afraid that RM8 has problems with large Databases. I have close to 472’000 people.

Well, then you definitely do need to submit your database to RM with a trouble ticket. And remember that the Windows version of RM8 runs as a 32-bit app no matter how much memory you have. A 32 bit app can only address 4GB. I don’t know if it’s still true or not, but it used to be the case that 32 bit Windows apps could only use 2.5GB because the other 1.5GB below the 4GB line was reserved for operating system storage.