RM8 task list doesn't include the name of the person the task is for?

I’m still finding my way around RM8. Today I wanted to create a task list for a specific repository as I wanted to see how much research I’d need to do and book my time accordingly.

After stumbling around a bit, I figured out how to use filtering to select the repository, but names don’t show up on the report like they did in RM7 making the report next to worthless.

Is this a bug or a feature?

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Bruce answered this last night on Facebook and his response was not what I would call sound reasoning. His statement was something to the effect that since Tasks, unlike RM7 ToDo items, could be attached to multiple people, sources, places etc.

I questioned why it would have been a problem to append a name on RM7 file imports at the very least. Of course no response to that as of yet.


In the Tasks tab, click on your To-Do in the middle column, look to the right-hand column “Edit Tasks” and find in the Task items box the count of used. Opening that will show who is assigned to that task.

Tasks are set up different in RM8 and can be attached to multiple people. The folders help to keep the tasks organized.

…and did you bother to count how many clicks and how much mucking about it took to accomplish that? Sure, it can be figured out but it didn’t need to be. If the tasks were name in a smarter manner, then one could spend their time attaching tasks and editing the names as needed. However I am guessing about 3/4’s of the tasks out there really don’t need editing other than changing their names to make them useful without all the clicking.

Yes, it is “clicky” and currently not reportable. But we do know that custom reports are coming, and I would bet, report refinements are too. RM8 was built with more flexibility. There are many different ways of using the Tasks now and that’s a good thing, in my opinion.

Thanks for the answer. I’m a little disappointed because it will be a lot of work to make the list of use in planning a research trip. I’m sure I’ll find a rhythm to avoid rework but for now it’s daunting to think of the number of tasks I need to change.

Not saying it isn’t a good thing, only that they pooched the screw in how they handled the import. It is causing many hours and many headaches for many people.

Software update 8.1.7. New: Task List report can optionally print all people using each task.

If task has been assigned to a person, then the task list report now shows the person. However, if the task has been allocated to a family, then no “People” are shown.