Citations used with tasks/research notes transfers

Running RM8 v8.1.7.0, windows 10
I am working on merging two RM8 databases into a new “combined” database. In one database, there are a number of citations attached to research tasks. When I moved it into the new empty database and compared the stats, the new database had the same number of sources, but fewer citations. I am still working through the source lists to see where citations are used, but so far I have found that any citation attached to a task, did not transfer into the new empty data base. To confirm, I ran a small test with a new database created in RM8.
I created a small one person database and attached a citation from a RM standard template and a citation created with a custom template to a birth fact and a task. I purposely did not use the copy paste function. My source list showed two sources each with two citations, one attached to birth fact and one attached to the task.
When I moved this database into a new database using a drag and drop, the person and the task both came over. The source list on the new(receiving) database showed the two tasks, but only one citation for each - the one attached to the birth fact. The citations attached to the tasks did not transfer to the new database.

Before I report as an issue, am interested to see if anyone else has had the problem or if possibly I am doing something wrong when I use the drag and drop into the new database.

I don’t use RM8’s Tasks feature, so I can’t help answer your questions in any sort of direct way. But I have a question of my own. Do the research tasks come across ok and are just losing their citations? Or are the research tasks not coming across at all?

The tasks come across just fine, they just lose the citations.

Then it sounds like a bug that you need to report officially to RM.

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I submitted a support ticket and received confirmation the issue has been referred to the developers.