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HELP! I get tasks get connected to research log & I get the folders option. But what I don’t get is how to get info into the research log, specifically the source I looked at & what the results was of that outcome, which shows in the grid screen. I never used this feature in RM7. I am tired of duplicating my efforts in research. I want to use this feature to track where I have been looking for the info & what the results were, is this what this feature is? Please and thank you for help!

@debra53 Use the edit task dialogue (right-hand side of screen) and Task Items section to attach source(s) to the task and use the Folders section to add the task to a folder. The tasks must be attached to the folder to display in grid view.

Kerrie thank you for your reply. I do understand about adding tasks to a created folder. What I can’t figure out is how to add sources that I try to solve the problem identified in the task and they do not solve the problem.

Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that I could use that display grid view to identify where I have been and what the results were? I see on the Task item where you can attach source(s) but nowhere to identify the results.

I hope I am making sense.



Debra use Edit Task dialogue Results field (in Task section).

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Oh Kerrie thank you so very much!! You just cant imagine how thrilled I am to be able to use this feature. It is going to save me so much time!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Deb Nichols

Here’s to hoping this will be Bruce’s next webinar!

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