Research Log View in Tasks

I am really getting into the task section. However when in Research log view available for the folders , can you edit it to fill in the relevant columns eg Results Sources etc Not sure were to go.

You would need to switch to the Tasks tab to highlight and edit a specific task you saw on the research log. As long as you still have that folder highlighted all the tasks listed will be specific to that research log.

ty but when I edit the task it only puts the info into the one column and not the other columns eg Results etc or am I doing something wrong when editing.

Ive put a screenshot of what I see but I cant seem to edit in the main tasks so that the info found shows up as a form. Sorry if not very clear.

This video should help with understanding how it works. In the screen shot you are still on the Research Log view and not the Task list view, where the Edit Task panel appears. I would recommend staying on the folder where the Task is (you have all task showing) just change the tab view you are on so you can edit a task inside the folder.

Organize Your Research with Tasks in RootsMagic 8

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Thank you have watched a few times and understand now