Research Log RM7 to RM9

After moving directly from RM7 to RM9 I am totally confused by the changes to the way that research logs are being treated. I always believed (and still do!) that a research log is what the name implies - a log of my research. I use it so that in future I can see the places that I have already looked for information for a particular person. The rest of the time I don’t really want to see it.

Since moving to RM9 all of my research log entries have been changed to tasks with a priority of 6 and are ‘In progress’. My task list is massive!

In RM7 my task list is small. I consider it a ‘to-do’ list. I go to it when I feel in the mood and pick an item to look at. Once I’ve finished the task I may or may not copy my findings into the research log.

Now I just can’t differentiate between things that need doing and things that are just nice to have ‘in case’.

Also - How should I imagine a ‘folder’? I obviously know what a folder is - but the folder must be some abstract idea that is supposed to be useful.

In RM7 in the ‘Edit Person’ view there is a button marked ‘Research Log’. I click it and there is a neat screen with all my notes about the research I’ve done. Wonderful!

In RM9 there is a chaotic mess which seems to have been created by someone who is good at writing computer programs from a specification but has never actually researched their family and used the result of their endeavours in real life. Of course that’s my view and maybe once it’s been explained I may feel I was a little harsh!

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These days it’s more of a “dashboard” from a 30,000 feet view.
Research Reports - RootsMagic Wiki

We have a video that explains how Tasks work. Your research log is in a Task Folder. When you click on the folder only those tasks (research items) will display in the main view. There is a 2nd tab at the top to switch to research log view.

Organize Your Research with Tasks in RootsMagic 8

Here is another video done by someone else on using Tasks.

Family History Fanatics - Explore RootsMagic 8 Tasks to Manage Your Genealogy To Do List

Many Thanks Renee - I’d already discovered the first video and have watched half of it. I shall continue tomorrow. I’ve been playing around with it and it’s gradually beginning to make sense!