Can existing research logs and to-do-lists be imported into RootsMagic 9?

I’ve mentioned previously that I currently use RootsMagic 7. Is it possible to import my existing research logs and to-do-lists into RootsMagic 9?

Your RM7 research logs and to-do lists get pulled into RM9 as Tasks. The information is there, but the format doesn’t suit me. You might want to download the RM9 Essentials and import your RM7 file into it to see how things look and to get a feel for the program. You RM7 file will not be harmed by this. This way if you don’t like 9, then you can go back to 7.

Tasks are a paid feature they are not available in RootsMagic Essentials. This video shows what the new tasks look like and how they are organized in folders.

Organize Your Research with Tasks in RootsMagic 8

Yeah, I keep forgetting that. Seems to not have been the best decision as that is a key feature that people would be interested in and they can’t even look at it.