What does RM9 do in importing tree from LDS if someone already in your database?

I can’t seem to find a user guide for Rootsmagic 9, and with Ancestral Quest and Legacy I find that their user guides are lacking with what Family Search integration can do that the software in fact does.

What does RM 9 do when you import ancestors from Family Search, if someone is already in your database? Does it join them, stop and ask what to do, don’t import them and leave the line hanging with that person’s child, or import the person independently and you have to run merge later?

I’m doing genetic genealogy where everything depends on multiple peoples’ trees (who share a DNA segment in common with you) in a database and being able to identify who they all descend from. With Old New England ancestry there are usually a number of possibilities. And you may not know who some of them are to go looking for them.

Dora Smith

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I really can’t help on Family Search as I’ve never used it in connection with RM BUT there is a RM Wiki
then just do a search for Family Search

As a FYI for you— when you open RM 8 or RM 9, on the home page there is a Help and Support that has a link to the Webinars and RootsMagic TV as well as the WIKI


Might want to check to see if there is anything on the webinar etc for Family Search

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That page tells me it has no text. Not even the content you showed.

They are still working on RM9 which is why there is no text. Sub in an 8 in place of the 9 and you ill get the wiki for RM8 whch is about 95% the same as version 9. They few differences in RM9 are covered on Youtube. Search for RootsmagicTV.

If you click on the link I included-- there is a search box in the upper right corner – put Family Search in the search box --hit enter and there are all kinds of things you can check on…

the picture I posted is what you will find on your HOME page when you open RM 8 or RM 9-- click on ROOTSMAGIC TV ( or any of them) and they will take you to the page

If you are actually running Import on FamilySearch Central into an existing database with people matched to FamilySearch the import could stall when it hits the same people in the database. That is partially why we recommend importing into new blank database. If it continues to run it will simply being adding duplicates you will need to merge.

If instead of Import you are referring to adding family members through Share Data it will simply add a duplicate person in RM if you choose to add them again. You will have to manually merge afterwards.