Would it be possible to resume the import from a FamilySearch tree from a saved file in RMTree or RMBackup formats?

Good evening, people!

  • I am a forum newcomer;
  • I am planning to purchase a licence for RootsMagic. I use both Linux and Windows.
  • I am Brazilian with several ancestries, including English, Irish, and Scottish ancestors, as my Genera DNA test result showed. I am waiting for a MyHeritage DNA kit. When I am in Argentina, I will receive an AncestryDNA kit.

I would like to know if it is possible to resume the import from the saved file in RMTree or RMBackup formats to continue to import the missing ancestors and the missing descendants?

I will explain why I ask it.

I want to download a tree with 40 generations of both ancestors and descendants. The problem is that it will take enough days. I have to turn my desktop computer off during the thunderstorm, as I do not have a wireless laptop. Microsoft forces to restart automatically the computer to update the version of Windows.

If you say it is impossible, I have to think… I will download a tree with only 40 generations of ancestors, a tree with 15 or 16 generations of ancestors and descendants. And a tree of my 35th great-grandfather from Ireland with 6 generations of descendants, then a tree of my distant cousins descending from 29th-great-grandparents. After I will merge all them as @thejerrybryan gave the instructions on the topic Can two GEDCOM files be merged or import a 2nd GEDCOM into a RM file? .

If you ask me why I want a tree of 40 generations. My goal is to find the recent deceased and living distant cousins in Canada and if I and my best friend from Canada are or are not finally distant cousins. RootsMagic allows me to find easily and quickly the relatives by city, province, or country in my own same tree, unlike FamilySearch.

Thank you for your attention, understanding, patience and help!

I would suggest you simply enjoy your friendship - it’s more important than whether you are distantly related. You may get along better with your friend than with some members of your immediate family! It is said that six generations of separation (up, down, or both ways) from someone is not significantly closer than that of any random person. The FamilySearch Family Tree is hardly authoritative - anyone can make changes to it. And what evidence can one rely on that goes back much beyond 6 generations, let alone 30 or 40. But it can be fun to play in it and make up stories to share with others.

However, RootsMagic has no capability to resume an interrupted download. You can tell Windows to pause updates for 7 days but Mother Nature doesn’t listen to you. You could download smaller, manageable chunks and assemble them in a RM database. RM’s automatic merging is tempting to apply but the results may be unexpected. Selective, manual merging leaves you in control but the effort may be overwhelming.

The FamilySearch Import will not include living people unless they are the ones you added and have permission to see. It is not the place to find living descendants.

Yes, we have been friends for 12 years. But he is also interested in knowing if we are related because we share Irish and Scottish ancestors.

I will make small genealogies. I will invest in a laptop.

Therefore, I always contact the people. See what I did.

I contacted my 5 living 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins, and they remembered my 2nd, 3rd and 4th great-grandparents, then we shared the trees, the photos, the birth, and death records and the stories. After I merged my stepfather’s father’s profile into the already existing same profile, I noticed that my step-grandfather is my 14th blood cousin and checked who created that profile before me. I saw she was the nephew of my stepfather and my step-uncle, remembered her because my step-uncle told me she used to work with me at the same company, contacted her, she confirmed my stepfather’s birth record and grandparents’ name. We shared a small tree, and she gave me a photo of step-great-grandmother for my stepfather. I just contact and ask their permission.

When I have a ready tree, my friend will share a small tree for us to compare our trees and discover if we are really cousins.