Can two GEDCOM files be merged or import a 2nd GEDCOM into a RM file?

I want to merge two GEDCOM files (Ancestry & My Heritage) into one FM9 file. Yes, I know that it would be large with many duplicates; nevertheless, I would like to do this so that I may work to source all entries.

Yes, that works fine. And indeed, it could be a lot of work to clean up. It wouldn’t just be duplicate people to clean up. There likely would be cleanup issues for places, sources, citations, etc.

I know it will require a lot of editing. The places, sources, etc. all need attention.
Now, for the not obvious to me, how is this done? Also, is it possible to merge two RM9 family files?

Have a look at the Documentation Wiki or the book. Search on “import”, “drag drop”, “compare”, “merge” (sans quotes).

To get both GEDCOM’s into the same RM9 database together.

  • Create a new and empty RM database. File => Create a New RootsMagic file => Empty File
  • Import the first GEDCOM file. File => Import Data => Import from RootsMagic 1-7, GEDCOM, or another Program => GEDCOM
  • Import the second GEDCOM file. File => Import Data => Import from RootsMagic 1-7, GEDCOM, or another Program => GEDCOM

Now the real work begins. For people merge, the best bet will probably be Duplicate Search Merge. If you are not already in one of the main people views, click on the main People tab on the left side of the screen. Then click the Tools icon in the upper right of the screen and choose Merge Duplicates. More information may be found at Merging Duplicates

Let’s leave the cleanup of places, sources, citations, and the like until later for now.

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With two separate files, the differences could be with duplicate people, places and facts (duplicate people with different facts). One thought–you might try importing each GEDCOM into separate RM files. Then use the COMPARE feature in RM to decide which changes need to be applied to the file you consider the primary file. I haven’t tried it-but I’ve used the compare feature and I believe it would work with the least effort.

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That really is a good idea - just to see what you have. You can import that two GEDCOM’s into the same RM database later in your analysis of the project.

This is what I did in RM 7

Separate RM projects, one for each Gedcom.

Drag and drop from one to the other

My actions were to link a father in one tree to be the father of an illegitimate person in my other tree

Then delete the unwanted tree

Your steps will be reduced and auto merge will be more performant, if you normalize place names (make match in format & detail) before merging individuals.