Importing a family Gedcom into another database

I have several RM7 databases and I want to export a family line from one database to my main database (database 1). Database 1 has the person listed that I want to add as his ancestors to from database 2. Is there a tutorial that I could view that would help me in doing that correctly?

You may want to try a drag and drop from one database to the other.
Using Drag and Drop in RootsMagic

This video covers working with GEDCOM
6. Working with Files and Folders in RootsMagic
00:34:54 – Creating a GEDCOM

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Want to make sure you understand that I will be importing this family Gedcom file into a database that over a thousand names. Does the tutorial you listed cover how I can connect his added Gedcom family to my line in the main database? If I drop one database into another how do I handle the duplicates?

The video does cover drag n dropping on top of an existing person and checking that they are the same. Then it will merge that individual. The rest of the duplicates in the file you have to use the merge features to clean them up. Go to Tools, Merge and work through the various merges top to bottom. If you need to connect lines its best to display the parents and then add the child to that family. Select the option to select existing person.

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Before you go to People->Tools->and work through the various merges top to bottom:

Go to Places and Merge places (using the 3 dot menu) that may have slightly different formats or spelling. Same for Sources.
This will aid in merging more folks via Automatic and lessen individual edits during Manual merging.


And don’t forget to have backups of every database. Your process may give up exactly what you want, or you may have to try a c couple if times.

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I am a big fan of backups. Saved me grief multiple times.

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