Task list for a repository

I’m new to tasks. I can’t see how to list all tasks for a repository. This doesn’t seem to be a choice in the filters. What am I missing please? Thank you!!

Hi srodyx, I had this issue, it’s not obvious in RM8 - RM7 was much better in this respect IMHO. Anyway, try Publish, Task List, Filter; configure Filter based on content as required, e.g. To-do with Priority 3 at least; this is the bit I think you’re looking for - in Filter based on links, click +, Link to: Repository in the drop down, select your Repository in that drop down. I managed to pull all my To-dos rated 3 or higher using Ancestry Subscription as the repository.
My experience when Generating such a report: I’ve found that Headers and Footers may (will) get screwed in certain circumstances, which requires getting creative. Also [Totals] for total page numbers doesn’t work as it should (damned nuisance): prints [Totals] instead of a number, would you believe!! Be aware that font changes in Appearance are NOT persistent, even tho it says Default: leave Publish, return to it and fonts have reverted back to Times New Roman (why??). I can’t see anywhere to bolt down YOUR choice on a permanent basis (another damned nuisance). There are other settings which may leave you slightly frustrated but stick with it. HTH, rgds

Have you watched the RM Webinar on Tasks? Organize Your Research with Tasks in RootsMagic 8

I did last week but I sure could have missed that!

Thank you SearchingMan! I would never have come up with that on my own. The problems you mention probably won’t ever bother me; I’m much more basic in my usage. But thank you for the “heads up!” A simple list will be very helpful. Thanks!

Go to Addresses, Repositories, and highlight the one you want. Then click on the 3 dot menu and select “Show Tasks for selected repository”. It will take you to the Task page filtered to that Repository.

Hi SuEllyn

Glad to be of help. My ‘discovery’ comes under the heading of ‘Let’s See What Happens If…’. Publish in RM8 is significantly different than RM7 and not all for the better I’m afraid to say. Or may be that’s because I’m set in my ways :blush:

Do experiment with the various drop downs, icons at the top etc.

Don’t forget to make backups – saved me several times!!


Steve Purnell


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