HOW TO export everyone who doesnt belong to group X?


In earlier versions of RM I could define a condition and remove people who met that condition from a group. I dont see a way to do this in RM9. I have a group with n members. I can set them to a specific color. But how can I export the remaining people only?

Has anyone come across this?


One easy way is to color code a group and then to export everybody who doesn’t have that color.

The additional color coding sets in RM9 can assist with this process. So if you are not currently using color coding set #3, then color code everybody as red in color coding set #3 who is in your group. Then export everybody who is not color coded as red in color coding set #3.

But I don’t understand why you can’t still do it the same way you used to do it before RM9. For example, make a new group. Mark everybody in your database. Then unmark everybody who meets your condition. They people now remaining in the group and the ones you want to export. It still can work exactly the same way it did before RM9.

You may be referring to the new RM9 feature about Saved Criterion groups that can be refreshed. So the feature is also called Refreshable Groups.

It’s a wonderful new feature and I use it every day. But unfortunately the criteria that can be saved are very limited. In particular, the criteria that can be saved do not include a combination of marking and unmarking. Also, the criteria that can be saved do not include “ancestors of” or “descendants of”.

I get around these limits of group criteria for refreshable groups by sort of reversing the process. I will first do a color coding, all the while understanding that the color coding is itself not refreshable. Then I will use the color coding in my criteria for refreshable group. For example, I will color code all descendants of John Doe as color code green in color set #5, knowing that this color coding is not refreshable. Then I will make a refreshable group of everyone who is color code green in color set #5 AND who was born after 1900. Or something like that.

Thanks this is useful. I was able to use colors to do this

When I try to do it “the old way” I create a new group - but I don’t see how to mark everyone in the database.

In a similar vein I can’t see how to mark / color every who is the same tree as person X - I do see that I can drag them to another database. But I don’t see how to mark/select or drag everyone who is not in the same tree as person X - though if I get the first part I can do it with colors.

I agree that the refreshable groups feature is very, very useful.

It’s not clear to me whether you are trying to export all members of a db that are not part of a group or a portion of a group that meet some criteria (ie subgroup).

If the former, an altenative to exporting would be to make a copy of the db and use the new RM9 ‘Group Tool’ to “delete everyone in a group”. Then you’d be left with the set of people in the DB that are not part of the group. You’ll likely end up with extra sources and places but won’t loose any of the RM features that don’t transfer via gedcom.

If the you’re trying to export a subgroup, then Jerry’s suggestion has covered it.

Also, I suspect that the problem you’re having with not being able “do it the old way” is that you need to choose ‘Free-form’ group if you want to see the options to select ‘everyone in the file’ or ‘everyone in the same tree’ under the “Mark” button. The ‘Free-form’ group options should match rm7.

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