RootsMagic 9.1.3 on macOS has three bugs – descendants disappearance, import self and inconvenient repetitive internet error dialogue

Good morning!

Although I own a personal desk computer with Linux and Windows 11, running the RootsMagic, I also own a MacBook.

I wanted to use my MacBook to download a giant tree from FamilySearch with RootsMagic during the thunderstorms. But I faced three bugs:

  1. My internet always was active and on, and I always received the inconvenient and repetitive internet connection error dialogue pop-up every minute!
  2. When to import, I can not choose my self, then I had to select the specific FamilySearch ID, copying and pasting my FamilySearch ID.
  3. When I imported 16 generations of ancestors and of descendants, when I researched my 1st and 2nd cousins that I added to my FamilySearch, I discovered that they are disappeared. It turned out that it did not import the descendants.

I seldom do any significant bulk imports from FamilySearch, but I have played around with it quite a bit just to see how it works. I wonder if some of your problems might be related to FamilySearch’s privacy protections for people who are still living. For example, the bulk import might not import your 1st and 2nd cousins if they are still living. That may also be why you had difficulty specifying yourself as a part of the bulk import.

Perhaps other users who are more experienced with bulk imports from FamilySearch can speak to the issue of how bulk imports deal with living people.

Strange. I could download a tree with the deceased descendants and living descendants that I added by myself to my tree, via getmyancestors and

Remember that I’m guessing a bit about whether living people might be the problem with bulk downloads FamilySearch. If they are living people you have entered yourself, there might not be a problem. It’s just that based on your description of the situation where it was yourself and your 1st and 2nd cousins where you were having trouble, the only thing I could think that such people might have in common were they they were living.

The way bulk downloads work with and with RM’s TreeShare feature is totally different. If you have built a tree at Ancestry, then TreeShare will download everybody, living or not.

In the downloaded tree, my living maternal granduncle and my maternal grandaunt appeared, but their children and grandchildren (my 1st cousins 1x removed (my mother’s 1st cousins) and my 2nd cousins) did not appear.

On macOS, I think that it’s better to download, using getmyancestors and to import GEDCOM file into RootsMagic.

I didn’t test it on Linux with Wine and Windows yet.

FamilySearch setting for Ancestors and descendant will give the focus person’s ancestors and the focus person’s descendants. It won’t climb up the Ancestor tree and give you their descendants. You would need to start with an ancestor as the focus person and import their descendants.

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