RootsMagic 8 to external drive

I have a Mac and a Lacie external drive. Does RM8 have RM-to-go like RM7 did? What do you need to download to the external drive to be able to download from Ancestry?

The newly released RM 8.2 now has RM to Go in it. If haven’t done so, you will want to update RM. You will probably want to check the RM Wiki to see if they have updated instructions for using RM 2 Go.

I spent over an hour with the online rep for RM and they never mentioned anything about having RM to go included in the RM8. I first upgraded to RM8 before I started anything. Very disappointed in the support of the new RM8. The only information about RM to go online is 7 years old.

I guess that you haven’t bothered to check the wiki which was updated on 28 June.

I guess you didn’t bother to notice that the original email was written on the 28th of june before the posted time of the wiki post. But I do hope you feel better thinking your calling somebody out for checking the wiki.

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cnbrodie I saw your chat with support and honestly that was a train wreck. I do apology for that. I have spoken to our support agents. They should help you remotely with the install of RM To-Go if you decide to open a new chat. It’s best to get on before 4:00 pm (MT). The wiki article is not completed and hopefully I can get a chance to finish it soon.

Thank you for your honest reply. I will look for the completed wiki article. Thanks again.