Does RM8 have a To-Go flash drive feature?

I used the RM7-to-go feature alot and was wondering if RM8 had this feature also, and if not do they expect to in the future?

Yes, or at least similar. See the File Tab for RootsMagic to Go icon. It will bring you to this section of the wiki pages for assistance. RootMagic to Go-Wiki Help

I think the topic has been discussed in the Community previously so a Search may bring up some tips.

This topic was discussed in the webinar about working with files. Bruce starting discussing it between minute 13 and 14 of the stream.

Working with Files in RootsMagic 8 Friday, October 8, 2021, 12:00pm MST

Does not address how to set up From a mac for use on a dumb windows pc. That is the most likely scenario as a mac user goes to a LDS center or a library.

You would probably need to set up the flash drive at the public windows pc IF downloads were allowed and RM8 was installed.