Suggestions on organization with RM7/8

I’m just returning to my genealogy/RM after several years of inactivity. Just got RM8. I had RM7 but didn’t use it much.

Is there enough difference for me to update my RM users guide, second edition?

There isn’t a new version of the user’s guide as of yet. RM has not said whether or not that intend to release a paper book. They seem to be very focused on the RM Wiki, so it wouldn’t suprise me if there was no more paper.

RM8 still has some bits and pieces missing, which were promised, which is likely to be delaying book plans, if there are any.

Thanks again, Ken! I’m one of those who likes to have a manual. Like you, I am old and my hair ain’t getting any thicker either.

OK, it seems the best way to do what I want is to get a blank USB drive and build my system, and install my data files (some are GED files from my sister’s MAC). Do you recommend that over having a to-go version on a laptop? What size drive should I get? Any other ideas to keep me out of trouble?

You don’t need to put the ToGo version on a laptop. Your Rootsmagic license allows you to install it on any computer in your household that you use. You only need to set the ToGo version up on a USB drive if you are going someplace to research that you need access to your data, and that place doesn’t have computers that run Rootsmagic.

If you are going to set it up (which will eventually be built into RM8 so you don’t have to manually do it) on your USB drive, I would get as big of a drive as you like, but a minimum of 8GB. I have a 128GB drive but that is because I carry around a lot of my attached media files also.

OK, that’s good news. RM techy told me it’s only good for one computer. I have it installed on my desktop pc, but also wanted it on my laptop or the USB drive. I am aiming for max flexibility but I am guessing keeping the pc, the laptop and the drive all sync’d may be a bit much. Having the media on the drive would be a plus. Any thoughts on this?

BTW, RM wiki tells you how to set up a to go for ver 8. Here’s the address: RootsMagic To-Go - RootsMagic Wiki

print manual is only available for 2015 RM7 but gives you an overview of how the program works. RM8 only has an incomplet wiki which is in the same work in progress state at RM8 itself.
RM license allows you to have the software on all the computers you use and own.