RM9 Set root person

Tried to set root person by selecting “Position” then “Set Root Person”, nothing happened. What am I supposed to do?

I don’t know what you expect to see, but when you set someone as root, it happens behind the scenes. It doesn’t give you a message or anything. If you want to test it, then randomly go to someone in your file (doesn’t matter who), then click the little paint palette looking icon in the upper right corner, between the Find everywhere box and the three dots. In the new window, search for Roots Person and then click the ‘Go to Root Person’ link and it should take you back to the person you set as root.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as instructed. I’m using Mac with Ventura. In fact, the root person I want to set is me (grin). I selected my first cousin. Instead, it shows she is my third cousin.

The Root Person need not be the same as the person used by the Relationship calculator. Setting the Relationship calculator is done by the Set Relationships menu item (under the Pencil icon within the Person Window). Updating that setting should provide the results you are expecting.

To elaborate on kevinm, the Set Relationships calculator can be found in the pencil icon in the upper right of any version of the person tab (looks like a head and shoulders). It can also be found in the command palette from any screen. As kevinm said, the root person has nothing to do with Set Relationships. By the way, the relationships are not dynamically updated when relationship changes or additions of people are made. It must be rerun.

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It does work as instructed, unfortunately you posed the wrong problem as to what you want. If you want relationships, that has nothing to do with the roots person. There is a Set Relationship tool that you need to run, chosing yourself as the person you want the relationships to base off of. This is also something that will have to be ran periodically as you add people to your database. It is not dynamic, so you have to manually update.

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You did set the Root person correctly. Now just click on the House icon and it takes you to the Root person.

Relationship is different.

Set Relationships

Set Root Person

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Hello! Yes I set the root person, but on the left pane shows the root person is a third cousin. Actually she is the root person? How to fix it?

Give us a screen shot of the info box at the top of the sidebar where the relationships shows. Then one of the settings you are using on Set Relationships.

So, as has been explained, the Root person has nothing to do with the shown relationship. Did you follow the instructions at http://wiki.rootsmagic.com/wiki/RootsMagic_8:Set_Relationships ? In this process, you would choose yourself as the in the ‘Show relationships…’ section. Once you are selected, then hit ‘Set relationships’. Personally, I always hit ‘Clear relationships’ before taking the steps above. I am not certain that it needs to be done, but I figure it can’t hurt.

Finally! Thank you, fellow Iowan!