Setting relationship to Root person

I have forgotten how to permantly set the relationship to the Root person. Advise please

HEY @BOMOROB – on right hand side where there is the + trash can, pencil etc-- click on pencil-- click on set relationship

then either hit change or leave as is and hit set relationship.
every time you add people to your database, you need to set ( actually reset) the relationship again as the relationship to the root person won’t show up till you do


Thanks Nancy,

I guessed you’ld be the first to respond. All now OK




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Nice instructions.
Do you know if using the set relationship button actually does a clear and then a set (reset)?
Or do I need to do a clear and then a set?

Clearly if the only changes to the database were additions, then set should work, but if relationships have been edited, the a full reset would be needed.

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Set Relationships will clear and reset relationships.