RM9 Publish module reducing information displayed

First, I have been using Roots Magic since version 6; I’m now using 9 and love it. Thanks Roots Magician and all you software geniuses!

One of my favorite new features is the Publish module. However, sometimes I just want to publish a “summary” Ancestor Chart; I don’t want to print all the information that is in the database. For example, I might want only the names, or only the names and dates of birth and death, or only the country of birth (and not the town/region), etc. (To put all the additional info in there with a lot of people on one page, I must make the type too small.

Is there a way to limit the data published in the boxes of the Ancestor (and other) charts? Am I missing something? If there is no current way to do this, please consider this a modification request.

Wes Steen

There isn’t an option on what data to include. It has been reported to development.

WOW!! That’s an incredibly prompt reply, and on a Saturday at that!!! I feel better knowing that I’m not quite as dense as I thought I might be. Thank you. I will continue to be a loyal Roots Magic customer.