Will the purchased version 9 give me what I want?

I am a new roots magic user and so am just using the free version atm.
I want to be able to produce a family tree chart that shows ancestors, descendants, siblings and their children for a selected person.
Please can anyone tell me the following -
a - is there an existing roots magic report that will create this CHART this if I purchase v9
b - if there is not an existing report that does this can I create one?
c - Is there anywhere that gives a clear example of all the reports you can access on the purchased version?
d - i have looked on the roots youtube videos but is there anywhere else that is a good source of help on this subject.
Thanks for your help,
v confused.com :slightly_smiling_face:

There isn’t a combination chart of Ancestors with descendants. The Hourglass Chart will only show Ancestors of the focus person, and then the descendants of the focus person, but not a combination of both ancestors with their children. There’s isn’t anyway to create such a combination chart in RM. You could look at the generation map that Family Chartmasters has that does our printing.

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Buy the print manual from amazon.

RM standard charts are rubbish.

I use other software which produces by far a better chart