Can not get Descendants or any list to publish in RM9

Running the latest version, 9.1.2 of RM9. When I go to publish a descendant list or any list, the program brings up a blank page 1.
At first I thought I have so many generations to publish and waited 10 minutes, nothing.
SO I did a 3 generation, again a blank page 1, waited again nothing.
What am I doing wrong? I updated to RM9 but really didn’t mess with the publish part. RM8 had no problems.

First if you need to reset you report setting use the Arrow Circle

Make sure Correct start person is selected (and options)

Then hit generate report – it should look like this

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Sadly, I now get just the preparer page. On RM 8, I always ran descendant lists.

At least your help gave me something in print!!!

Making progress!!!

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sounds like you might be selecting a person that has NO descendants.
To check if the person had descendants. You can go to index and highlight correct person.


Then go to Descendant view and make sure that person has descendants.


if the person should have descendants but does not – then relationships might not be set correctly.

@yarow-- trying to recreate your problem, the only time I get just the preparer’s page is when I am doing a DIRECT LINE DESCENDANCY and pick 2 people who are NOT connected such as a person’s dad and his son-in-law-- so @kevync1985 is definitely onto something-- once in a great while, I WILL encounter a person who appears to be attached correctly to the family BUT ISN’T for whatever reason-- I usually just unlink them from the parents / spouse-- then relink them----also if the person you are trying to run the report on was married more than once–make sure you have the right spouse on the family view/ pedigree page with him – if he and the 2nd wife had no kids, it MIGHT cause a blank page…

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Yes, I found when that direct line descendancy does the one page. Thank you for bringing that up. Tho I could say, I was really looking forward to direct line working.

If you are trying to show the blood connection between two people use the Relationship Chart. The direct line of descent on the Descendant List only shows a grandparent to grandchild relationship.

The Relationship Chart is nice in the fact that you can pick a father and son – it will work or you can go all the way from your 4th g grandparent ( or even further back) to you ( or even further down) and it will work BUT there is one problem-- if you connect more than one way to the 4th g grandparent, RM will only show one way that you connect to your 4th g-grandparent and it’s RM’s choice as to which one-- meaning my hubby’s g-grandparents were 1st cousins-- their mothers were sisters-- a Relationship Chart only shows the one line–not both as you will get in the Descendant’s list…

@yarrow – there has to be a reason why you can’t get the direct line descendancy to work as I have no problems with it as long as I have 2 people who are related-- what abt other reports such as narrative? Do they work??? Might try a narrative report with the same people or line as it might show where there is a broken relationship…