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RM9 bug

I have two databases open.
I make changes in one.
I click on a different program on my computer without closing RM9.
When I go back to RM9, the database I did not change is open instead of the one I just made changes in.

Are you sure there isn’t a hidden window? What change(s) did you make and how did you apply the change(s) before “moving to other program” / window.

I do not know what you mean by “hidden windows.” As far as I can tell, when this happens there are no other windows open.

Changes would be, for example, add or update a birth fact.

The change is “applied” by clicking on the TreeShare for Ancestry icon.

Both databases are still open and there are still two different RM9 windows. A hidden window is simply one that is under the other. The “go back to RM9” process apparently just went to the open RM9 window you were not expecting. What were the exact steps you used to “go back to RM9”?

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure there is a process or procedure that will guarantee when you “go back to RM9” in this situation that you will go back to the RM9 window you most recently left. The only way I have ever figured out to deal with this situation is to have both RM9 windows “mediumized” rather than being minimized or maximized. There used to be an F5 function in RM to get you to the other open window, but I think that the F5 function no longer works.

It seems to me that to have two different RM9 databases open at the same time very effectively you really need a very large monitor or else you need to have two monitors. That way you can easily have both RM9 windows visible at the same. Managing this situation on a single small monitor is really tricky.

This bug has occurred several times. I tried to document the step-by-step procedures used when this bug happens. However, I must be doing something different since I can not duplicate the bug. I’ll try to pay closer attention and document better the next time the bug occurs.

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When you open 2 databases, you can “snap” each to different sides of the monitor so you can see both of them and eliminate any “hidden” windows.

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if you have the ability to do a screen record that might be helpful to demonstrate (Assuming you can replicate). You can use an empty Zoom Call (just you as one option if you do not have desktop or web software )