Focus when opening a 2nd database; Reopen all open databases when restarting RM8

Some, if not all, of this request is at least menitoned in this longer discusstion

so just adding my tuppence about the bits I’d like to see most.


When I open a second database file I would most definitely prefer that it automatically becomes the database with the focus instead of opening it, it disappearing to somewhere, and my being switched back to the one I already had open.
Even if I wanted to drag and drop between the two (which in general I don’t) I’d still need to do something with the newly opened one, even if it is to reposition it somehow, or I wouldn’t have opened it.

Also, if I have two databases open when I close down
And have the setting to open last database set
only one of the two is re-opened.
Yes I can see that it says database, not databaseS
and the RM7 setting does explicitly give the option to open last databaseS, which it does

Mac, Catalina

mac catalina all other software current.

with one database open and full screen with menubar and dock I created a new file from a gedcom. Having one file open seemed to avoid the AV crash that creating a new file from a gedcom always triggers. Nope this was a fluke as creating a 2nd new file did crash everything.

The new file was a small window on top of the first file. After resizing it did NOT save the window size when closed and reopened. To get back to the first file I had to choose Files. You could use mission control to see both windows and switch. Very confusing to have a program that behaves like a windows clunker half the time and like a mac program sometimes. So few of the command key shortcuts work even though Gates copied most of them to Windows. And so many actions are so slow as to seem not be working that you double click. Command-Gave would switch between files but only after you had clicked in the current file.

I could get the new file to save it’s resized window if I used SplitScreen app. A 2nd new file did open full size (after recovering from the initial crash new file creation requires).

You are correct that RM8 does not remember any but the last file opened when quit and restarted. It also required each open file to be closed separately. Normally when you quit a mac program all open windows are closed and reopened later.