Focus Changes Using Two Databases

I’m fairly new to RM8 so I copied my main data base to a file called “TESTbase”.
I load my main database and TESTbase so if I mess up (which is often-no undo) I can compare and replace if necessary. I know to switch them on screen with F5.
I’ve noticed that when one or the other is on screen and I minimize RM8 in the Home page, When I press the icon on the taskbar to restore RM8 the other file is now on screen. If you don’t notice it you will be working in the wrong database. I believe the database you had last onscreen should show unless you do in fact press F5.

A variation on this theme is that if you simply bring up another app that was minimized and then minimize that app again, the RM8 Window that is on top is the other one. I’m dubious that RM8 can do anything about it. It may just be a Windows thing.

Thanks Jerry,
RM8 knows the focus I had when I minimized, that lock is changed when I restore.
I don’t discredit that it might be a windows thing but even if it is RM8 can code for it.

Perhaps this is just a Windows issue. On a mac you never minimize you just flip among programs and their windows with simple keystrokes or swipes. Impossible to get lost.

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Hi Rooty,
I’ve never owned a Mac but I envy some of the features it has.
I use the minimnize bar to go do something else on my desktop, you just flip.

Just curiously, open more than one database, choose one, go to Home page, flip to another program or two, flip back to RM and see if you’re ok. The differences in Mac may not affect your settings because RM is coded for it.

My point is that I don’t think windows changed any internal programming of RM8.
Does RM8 control the minimize bar when I press it or is it passed on to windows?
All Win 10 should be doing is collapse the app and not change RM settings.

I could be completely wrong here but RM8 should retain my preferences.
Now that I know about it I change it back myself, I shouldn’t have to.

Thank you for your input.

Opened 2 RM8 files and a person edit screen in each. Flipped amongst them and went to Home in one. Then off to 4 other open programs. On return was in the same RM8 window I left from. On mac a swipe up shows all open programs with their open windows. Swipe down to see all windows open in the current program and choose one. I never minimize windows to a program and do not understand value of that.

Rootsmagic is a windows shop and the mac version behaves unlike all other mac programs in many ways. No other mac genealogy program fails to behave normally and certainly does not scroll jerkily and take a long time to open. Your issue is almost certainly just normal windows behaviour.

When it is time to replace your Intel room heater computer consider a mac. Both software and hardware are under control of one company and it shows in stable, malware-free ease of use and power. Now with chips made by Apple performance and battery life have increased one or two orders of magnitude. All manufacturers are now switching to AMD style chips away from Intel’s x86 which is 40 years old.

I’m waiting on a lottery win and the Quantum Computer Rooty, but for now I have to use what I can afford. Mabe some other Windows users can relate to my experience? Thank’s for the chat.

Macs are expensive up front but it is a toyota vs chevy comparison. My and my wife’s macs cost about 2000 7.5 years ago including $300 for applecare but needed no repairs, no antivirus $50/year, no crapware removal on purchase $100 and no additional software like excel, word, image manager, etc. That is $225/year without an extended warranty and many people who bought the 2008 macs are still using them. And the user quality difference has to be experienced to be believed.

Apple discounts refurbished units ~15%, there is an education discount for students, teachers and parents and a cashback credit card like USB visa+ saves another 5%.

If a desktop unit works for you an M1 iMac 24" screen runs ~$1500. The laptops are more expensive.

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Perhaps color coding your test db in a different way would also help to identify them when both are open simultaneously.

You’re a mind reader kevinm, that’s exactly how I discovered the problem.

I appreciate your expertise but I will appreciate RM more when all the work-a-rounds are fixed. It was designed for two Operating Systems so it should work the same on both. I like the program so I’ll let them work out the bugs.